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New Products 2016

Safety, ensured by quality

Safety, ensured by quality
SUN 111 LED highbay luminaire

At belektro 2016, abalight will be presenting the "SUN 111" highbay LED, a round, super thin, super light, exceedingly powerful highbay luminaire for use in halls. It can be dimmed by DALI control and achieves 18,190 lm at 111 W (162.5 lm/W, Dial tested). The "TRACE" LED strip lighting system is based on a stable aluminium profile available in lengths of 1.5 m, 3 m and 4.5 m and has pass-through wiring for up to 11 poles as well as phase pre-selection for each module. The fitting LINE LED module achieves an output of up to 8,000 lm. The company’s “DOT Q82” recessed-installation spotlight, an 82 mm square design, has a high luminous intensity achieving up to 103 lm/W and requires a 68 mm ceiling opening. The new “STEP II”, “VEKT” and “SNAP II” panel luminaires series are extremely impressive in terms of energy efficiency and individual installation options. Other striking features include: 50 W maximum power consumption at 6,200 lm, UGR <19 at 4,200 lm and microprisms. The driver can be adapted to the user’s requirements in order to minimise costs.

abalight GmbH

Contact: Paul Berg
Phone: +49-2543-2188980

Planning entire electrotechnical systems via one single access channel

Planning entire electrotechnical systems via one single access channel
Planning of electrical systems

One single software suite instead of four separate tools – ABB‘s e-Design allows engineers to plan an entire electrotechnical system via one common access channel (illustration). Integration of the tried-and-tested tools StriePlan, EDS PowerCon, DOC and CAT into the new software suite offers added value in a number of ways throughout the planning process: electrical system dimensions are reliably determined, products, accessories and costs are quickly established, switchgear is configured within minutes and detail planning and standard-conformant documentation is easily implemented – using only one system. Highlights include a common file format for StriePlan, EDS PowerCon, DOC and CAT, the integration of all devices and housing systems, selection and configuration of products and accessories, the configuration of electrical plants, including dimension calculations, and the compilation of quotations and documentation.

Hall 1.2, Booth 110

Contact: Jürgen Lasch
Phone: +49-7841-609349

Convenient keyless access to high-security areas

Convenient keyless access to high-security areas
EXITalarm security alarm

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH will be presenting its Code Handle® at this year’s belektro. A numerical keypad is integrated into this special door handle and by entering a PIN, the user obtains keyless access to rooms which can only be entered with the appropriate authorisation. The device can be used both in private and in business environments. A further product, the EXITalarm security alarm (illustration), combines safety demands with the necessary level of protection against unauthorised use. As soon as the door handle is pressed even slightly, an auditory signal is triggered by a monitoring lever. In an emergency, the door can be opened with one single hand movement, whereupon an alarm is activated. ASSA ABLOY will also be showing its SCALA access control system at belektro 2016. The system is freely adaptable and can be extended almost infinitely – from one single door up to more than 2,000 doors. Its modular structure makes it suitable for private, public and commercial facilities alike.

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH

Contact: Bernadette Rodens
Phone: +49-7431-123536

Intelligent DALI lighting control as a scalable system

Intelligent DALI lighting control as a scalable system
New B.E.G. products being introduced at the exhibition

At belektro 2016, B.E.G. will be introducing a new generation of DALI products under the name of DALI-System. Along with address allocation and use of a "multi-master principle", the system’s other main advantage is its scalability, allowing control of individual rooms or of a complete building via the DALI-BUS. The many functionalities and optional configuration via USB, Ethernet, LAN, W-LAN or Bluetooth – the interface depends on the desired solution package – make planning processes more efficient and reduce installation process costs. B.E.G. will also be showing devices for standalone solutions in the DALI-Kompakt product group, where the entire technical system is housed in one single casing. Visitors to the company’s stand will experience live demonstrations of various innovative products: an occupancy detector with integrated LED light ring, radar motion detectors with light sensors, narrow LED emergency lighting with a DALI interface and many more.

B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH

Contact: Katrin Rosenthal
Phone: +49-2266-901210

Modern energy management in data centres

Modern energy management in data centres
Data centre

In order to meet the very high standards of current high-performance data centres (image) equal attention must be paid to the configuration, control and management of energy supply networks. BACHMANN provides companies with intelligent and modern energy management solutions, and by developing standardised products and systems tailored to customers’ needs enables them to exploit ultra-modern, highly advanced technology. The new BlueNet product generation makes it possible to configure, control and individually manage energy supply networks. The system provides information on all the relevant data such as consumption, voltage and output. With its BlueNet line-up this Stuttgart-based company, which will be exhibiting at belektro, offers the right products for ensuring low energy consumption, minimal down times and operational savings in the future.

Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Andrea Hartmair
Phone: +49-711-8660284

Filigree LED technology meeting the highest requirements

Filigree LED technology meeting the highest requirements
Barthelme LEDlight flex High Efficiency

At belektro 2016, Barthelme LED Solutions will be presenting innovative LED solutions “Made in Germany” . For example the fully encapsulated, ultra-flexible, protection class IP67/68 AQUALUC mini, measuring only 10.5 X 5 mm with a bending radius of only 5 cm. In addition, the Nuremberg-based lighting specialist is presenting its new Barthelme LED light flex High Efficiency series (illustration) with ultra-thin LEDs and a luminous flux of up to 6,291 lm per metre. The exhibitor will also be showing CATania 6075, a newly developed high-quality anodised aluminium profile with excellent heat dissipation and adjustable cover for a broad range of applications. With its CHROMOBOX 2.0 set, Barthelme also offers users a Smart Home solution characterised by a convenient lighting management system in which all luminaires are controlled via one single interface.

Barthelme LED Solutions

Contact: Christian Döberlein
Phone: +49-911-42476261

Measurement tasks ¬– faster, easier and with greater precision

Measurement tasks ¬– faster, easier and with greater precision
BAUR titron cable fault locating system

BAUR titron® (illustration) is a new generation cable fault locating system. The fully automatic and centrally controlled smart system is used to locate cable faults and to test and diagnose cables. Thanks to the innovative operating concept and the high-performance technology, titron® performs measuring tasks faster, easier and with greater precision. All measuring van functions are centrally controlled using BAUR titron software. The intuitive user interface, adapted perfectly to the workflow of cable fault location, supports the user throughout the entire process. A further new feature is the remote app for Android and iOS smartphones. This allows key functions of the titron software involved in pinpointing cable faults to be carried out by remote control. The app shows the required section of the BAUR Geo Base Map and gives details on the cable.

BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 200

Contact: Carina Loacker
Phone: +43-5522-4941254

Safer and improved detection of insulation faults

Safer and improved detection of insulation faults
EDS440 insulation fault detector

IT systems can now continue operating when faults occur, and these can be rectified at a later, more convenient date without incurring downtime costs. The reason for this is two insulation monitoring systems which keep watch over insulation resistance and report any drop in threshold values. The information can be used to determine the appropriate time for identifying the defective insulation. On complex systems and decentralised energy distribution networks detecting a fault can be costly and time-consuming Bender has solved this problem with the introduction of the new EDS440 insulation fault detector (illustration) which has been specially adapted for use with the new iso685 insulation monitoring device and its additional functions. It automatically searches for an insulation fault while systems keep running and indicates where the fault lies.

Bender GmbH & Co KG
Germany – Grünberg

Contact: Marita Schwarz-Bierbach
Phone: +49-6401-807521

Stylish and Windows 10 compatible

Stylish and Windows 10 compatible
Entering absentee hours with ’TopKontor Zeiterfassung’, Version 4

The new ‘TopKontor Handwerk’ Version 6 and ‘TopKontor Zeiterfassung’ Version 4 software releases (illustration) by blue:solution software GmbH feature modern and straightforward minimalist styling, while boasting significantly more functions. The same design was also incorporated in the latest Office programmes which are technically compatible with Windows 10 and modern hardware devices such as 4K monitors. Freshly styled, easy-to-understand icons give an immediate indication of their function. While the number of icons has been reduced their functions have been retained. What is more, the user interface adapts to different screen sizes, making it compatible with modern screen technology. All the functions are transparent. The software now also offers a main search function which requires only a few key letters to be entered.

blue:solution software GmbH
Germany – Rheine

Contact: André Köhler
Phone: +49-5971-914486602

Easy-to-use thermal imaging camera

Easy-to-use thermal imaging camera
DiaCAm2 C.A 1950 thermal imaging camera

The outstanding features of the new "DiaCAm2 C.A 1950” thermal camera (illustration) are its easy operation and ergonomic handling. The rechargeable battery can supply power for an amazing 13 hours and the camera is ready to use within only 3 seconds. The C.A 1950 has a large 2.8-inch display, a field of view of 20° by 20° and a fixed-focus lens. Verbal comments can be recorded along with the pictures. The camera can be connected to a PC via USB and networked with other devices via Bluetooth allowing the direct integration of measurements into the thermal images. A context-related help function is provided to give users step-by-step guidance and prevent operating errors. The camera is a rugged device and will withstand drops from a height of 2 m. The “CAmReport” software supplied free of charge with the camera allows the automatic generation of reports which can then be exported to Word or PDF files.


Contact: Christophe Müller
Phone: +49-7851-992640

Intelligent planning, accurate documentation

Intelligent planning, accurate documentation
Smart buildings with DDS-CAD

Everything under control – this was the developers’ motto when they created the new version 12 of the DDS-CAD BIM planning tool (illustration). At belektro 2016, software supplier Data Design System (DDS) will be showing the electrical installation industry exactly what this means. Apart from achieving faster output of planning results, DDS has also enhanced potential collision detection even further. Now users are able to check all objects within a building model, including the required surrounding spaces. The new dynamic component positioning functions allow the user to place objects in a room or space at an exact distance from a given reference point. If the reference point is shifted, the position of the component is changed accordingly. Other highlights are cable routing across multiple storeys and automatic generation of installation schematics. Wiring can be routed intuitively to adjacent storeys and connected up there. At the end of the procedure, accurate documentation of all information concerning the planned electrical installation can be generated with a single mouse-click.

Data Design System GmbH

Contact: Katharina Duric
Phone: +49-2593-8249920

Protection right from the feed point

Protection right from the feed point
Combination arrester DEHNshield ZP Basic

Following the recommendations of the DIN VDE 0100-443 / -534 standard, overvoltage protection will also become mandatory for new residential building projects from October 2016 onwards. Transient overvoltages transmitted into the building via the power supply network are to be blocked and discharged as near to the feed-in point of the electrical system as possible. With the new, optimised DEHNshield® ZP Basic combination arrester (illustration), the standard protection option for all residential buildings without external lightning protection, this is easily and quickly implemented. It can be mounted without the use of tools by clipping it directly on the 40-mm busbar system in the lower connection space of the metering cabinet, thus protecting the entire meter as well. DEHNshield® ZP Basic has a high discharge capacity and offers advantages otherwise only offered by Type 1 protection devices based on spark gaps, such as the well-known ‘wave-breaker function’.

DE-Neumarkt i. d. OPf.
Hall 4.2, Booth 109

Contact: Petra Raab
Phone: +49-9181-9061426

Quick and simple device networking

Quick and simple device networking
Smart home platform

In addition to classical networking via the power lines, digitalSTROM will also be presenting an attractive enhancement of its prize-winning smart home platform (illustration) at this year’s belektro. Thanks to the new dSS IP, you can already make your home ‘smart’ with just one or two devices. As soon as they are plugged in, the devices have an ‘intellect’ of their own and can access all digitalSTROM services such as voice control und automation. This considerably lowers the initial barrier to setting up a smart home. Also being showcased is the new dS Media Kit, offering all the components required for fast broadband networking via POF cable. The kit includes a 20-m POF cable with 1 Gbit bandwidth, two media converters, two network cables each, as well a USB network cable and USB power supply units. This means that you have 1Gbit even in the furthest corner of your house so that all devices can be quickly and easily connected with each other.

Hall 3.2, Booth 122

Contact: Louise Stodtko
Phone: +41-44-4459944

Select the right device – interactively

With the new interactive selection assistant on Doepke's website, users can quickly configure the most suitable residual current circuit breaker by answering a series of simple questions. These are structured according to the exclusion principle, meaning that each answer narrows down the range of products that can be used. The questions are not restricted to technical details, but also include possible fields of application and the required protection level. Questions concerning type of equipment and environmental conditions have to be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, for example. Detailed information on the questions call be called up using the "help" button. Once all questions have all been answered, the selection assistant shows the residual current device that Doepke recommends for the specific application. When a suitable result has been obtained, the data can be saved and printed out. The company’s technical support department can be contacted at any time to answer questions or explain anything that is unclear.

Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH

Contact: Heino Thoben-Mescher
Phone: +49-4931-1806823

LED solution for existing linear luminaire systems

LED solution for existing linear luminaire systems

The innovative LINEACLICK LED solution (illustration) was developed to enable easy refitting of LED technology in already installed linear luminaire systems from manufacturers such as Trilux, Ridi, Zumtobel and Regiolux. LINEACLICK’s distinguishing features are its quick installation and high efficiency, since there is no need to replace the complete linear installation, but merely install the LINEACLICK luminaires. The innovative design of LINEACLICK’s lenses enables shadow-free light distribution and the aluminium core PCB provides best possible LED module cooling. The LINEACLICK lens by DOTLUX® achieves optimised transmittance and various lenses are available for a wide spectrum of applications. The replaceable LED module, a separate driver and LM80-certified LEDs make LINEACLICK a particularly good investment for the future. Furthermore, its system-specific adapter plugs allow easy connection to the mains power supply.


Contact: Manuel Müller
Phone: +49-9141-4051701

‘Smart Grid’-ready thanks to measurement and monitoring

‘Smart Grid’-ready thanks to measurement and monitoring
Smart Grid Interface

Provide information on current power network conditions and measurements almost in real-time for control tasks or energy management processes in accordance with ISO 50001. To achieve this, EFEN offers smart solutions for all power supply, industry and infrastructure sectors: the Smart Grid Interface (illustration) for recording power network status data in the cable junction cabinet, the main low voltage distribution cabinet with data transmission to a Cloud system for further processing, or the smart metering unit for the SILAS NH fuse load circuit-breakers. A variety of special converters is available for optimum integration into smart energy distribution systems and the offered feature range is rounded off by monitoring functions. Characteristic of the EFEN smart solutions are the easy upgrade options for products and systems, from safe circuit-breaking in case of overloads and short-circuits, right up to smart controlling of power distribution network states to meet volatile energy feed situations.

DE-Eltville am Rhein
Hall 3.2, Booth 106

Contact: Alexandra Wolf
Phone: +49-6129-46112

Smart living environment with one single app

Smart living environment with one single app
COQON wireless-networked smart-home system

Intelligent and simple. COQON (illustration) by “neusta next” is a smart-home solution requiring only a single app and a central box, offering an almost unlimited range of possibilities. According to the manufacturers, COQON is the only wireless-networked smart-home system with a three-stage sales path, providing enormous opportunities for tradesmen in this sector. COQON offers all users – old and young – the benefits of modern comfort and modern, personalised security technology. The wireless networked system includes Z-Wave plus, Q-Wave, WiFi, UMTS transmission modes and a free PCB slot. It automates smart solutions to provide comfort, security, energy and entertainment – in future also including AAL applications. COQON provides security in line with banking standards. The professional version can be obtained from trade partners, who offer consultation, sales and installation services. The system is supplied exclusively by the GC GROUP and G.U.T. GROUP.

EFG Bär & Ollenroth KG

Contact: Anja Kunde-Schroda
Phone: +49-30-76106125

Enhanced output formats in the Eplan Data Portal

Enhanced output formats in the Eplan Data Portal
Eplan Data Portal

Since the new version of the Eplan Data Portal (illustration) was launched in May 2016, users are able to access hundreds of thousands of component data, irrelevant of whether they are using Eplan or not. All that is needed is online registration via the Internet. This portal provides access to entirely new user groups: on the one hand, ERP, PDM and PLM application users who need the commercial data, and on the other hand, a vast number of AutoCAD users. Whether in the warehousing sector or the product data management field, this portal provides commercial data – for example article and type numbers and descriptive article information – on a large scale. Previously, these data were reserved for Eplan users only. Now, anyone using an ERP, a PDM or a PLM system can register in order to access the high-quality data.

EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG
DE-Monheim am Rhein

Contact: Birgit Hagelschuer
Phone: +49-2173-3964180

Intelligent workplace illumination for KNX

Intelligent workplace illumination for KNX
NOVA Quadro illumination system

ESYLUX continues to enhance its intelligent lighting solutions, specially designed for use in office buildings, educational and medical facilities. The company is presenting what it claims to be the world’s first KNX-compatible DALI system, a brand new variant of the "NOVA Quadro" (illustration). An integrated KNX module allows seamless integration into a master building automation system – without the normally required gateway. As in other applications, master luminaires in conjunction with slave luminaires ensure daylight-dependent constant lighting control in this new system. With the aid of a more sophisticated installation using ESYLUX's SymbiLogic technology, biologically effective lighting can be created as well. Use of the KNX module allows all the system channels, for instance target Lux settings, reference light and lighting colour, to be controlled from one central location, while at the same time allowing numerous parameter values to be read out.

ESYLUX Deutschland GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 115

Contact: Christian Schöps
Phone: +49-4102-888802017

Infra-red heating for indoors and outdoors

Infra-red heating for indoors and outdoors
LAVA GLAS 2.0 – PLUS infra-red heater

The new LAVA® GLAS 2.0 – PLUS infra-red heater (illustration) with up to 1,500 W and a new, attractive design not only saves space, but is also ideal for larger rooms thanks to the pleasant infra-red heat and additional ambient air heating. The new LAVA® Halti towel rails are another convenient accessory. They can be mounted either to the left or right of the LAVA® infra-red heater, and the opening at one end makes it easier to hang up the towels. Versatile, easy to install and practical – the three winning features of LAVA® DESK 120. This ETHERMA heater can be mounted under a table-top to provide a comfortably warm desk environment. Another outdoor heater being offered by ETHERMA is the new SOLAMAGIC® S2. This high-quality premium infra-red 2,500 W radiator has three heater stages that can be set from a smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth and the free "Blue Two" app.

ETHERMA Deutschland GmbH

Contact: Nicola Baldauf
Phone: +43-6214-767722

Fast, convenient installation

Fast, convenient installation
Zählerschrank 2.0

f-tronic will be introducing its “Zählerschrank 2.0” meter cabinet (illustration) at belektro 2016. As the Saarbrücken-based company explains, it has geared its new cabinet system design entirely towards the needs of its customers – consisting mainly of building owners and contractors. Fast and convenient installation is ensured by numerous novel features such as twist-click fasteners for covers and bayonet catches for mounting domes. The fastener system for the DIN mounting rails has also been enhanced. The new cable entry flange not only provides secure cable entry sealing but, thanks to the labelled entry points, ensures reliable identification of the cables. According to the developers, the wide range of high-quality innovations is an important step towards an entirely new generation of meter cabinets. At the exhibition, f-tronic will also be showcasing new fire-prevention and cable mounting systems for fast installation.

f-tronic GmbH

Contact: Markus Egert
Phone: +49-6893-9483414

Emergency lighting on permanent standby

Emergency lighting on permanent standby
‘Einzelbatterie Check Computer’ ECC2-Touch for monitoring battery conditions

Compared to its predecessor model, the single-battery ‘Einzelbatterie Check Computer’ ECC2-Touch (illustration) allows even easier, more centralised control and active monitoring and logging of the function status of single-battery luminaires in a building. The system checks the condition of batteries, luminaires and charging units as well as controlling that there is no disturbance in communication with the luminaires. Periodic tests are not only automatically initiated by ECC2-Touch, but are also carried out at staggered intervals, in conformity with the latest standards and guidelines. In this way, simultaneous operating-duration testing of all luminaires is avoided and the emergency lighting system is in uninterrupted standby mode. Intuitive operator guidance as known from smart phones, using the large touch-sensitive and high-resolution 7-inch smart LCD touch display, makes for particularly fast and easy operation of the ECC2-Touch device.

FISCHER Akkumulatorentechnik GmbH
Hall 2.2, Booth 202

Contact: Marc Leiskau
Phone: +49-2137-789483

Elegant design and extremely low energy consumption

Elegant design and extremely low energy consumption
SMART [3] (left) and 90 IDP circuit-breaker family

The new “SMART [3]” lighting systems (illustration) are ideal for installation in rooms with ceiling heights of up to 4 m. Their distinguishing features include an elegant design, extremely low energy consumption and a high impact resistance. In addition, they are quick and simple to install and easy to clean. According to the exhibitor, SMART [3] achieves energy savings of more than 50% in comparison to older luminaires. What’s more, a changeover to this system increases visual comfort and quality of lighting. The new 90 IDP series residual-current circuit breakers (illustration) by GEWISS are available in 2-pole and 4 pole versions, with rated currents ranging from 25 to 125 A and rated residual currents between 10 and 500 mA. In addition to AC, A and B-type RCCBs, the new series includes special versions for preventing false triggering (short time-delay type) and for maintaining selectivity between different devices (selective type).

GEWISS Deutschland GmbH

Contact: Alexandra Zange
Phone: +49-6471-50159

Simple surface-mounted solution for power and data cables

Simple surface-mounted solution for power and data cables
4D-Elektro-System with asymmetrical corner conduit

As digitalisation of our everyday life progresses, the demand for more energy and data outlets in private homes increases accordingly. At belektro 2016, GGK is presenting a new solution for easy installation of additional wiring: the smart 4D-Elektro-System (illustration). This is not only easy to retro-install, it is also visually pleasing and highly functional. The 4D-Elektro-System’s new indoor surface-mounting cable trunks offer a lot of different options for routing data and power cables. The exhibitor points out that this solution provides the first-ever aesthetic and functionally standardised system for all indoor applications. The surface-mounting cable trunk system is ideally supplemented by components such as floor mounts and corner and wall conduits, which can be used to route cables horizontally and vertically within a room or even over multiple storeys. For more information, visit the company at belektro in Berlin or online at

GGK GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Daniel Major
Phone: +49-2779-915229

Soft design instead of severe forms

Soft design instead of severe forms
Gira E3 switch family

The “Gira E3” family (illustration) is another continuation of the exhibitor’s series of attractive switch components. As an intentional contrast to the rectilinear, austere lines of the E2 designs, this new family is characterised by gentle, softer contours. The smart, ZigBee® Light Link based illumination systems can now be controlled with the Gira control elements for the Light Link system, thereby fitting perfectly into the Gira family of switches, both in terms of function and of design. Up to now, a Gira HomeServer was needed for displaying settings and controlling a KNX system using mobile devices. The new “Gira X1” server will in future enable display and automation of the settings for various functions in a building. The Gira G1 is a compact, powerful and versatile control centre for a KNX system. Release 2 now permits wireless linking of Gira G1 to the technical building installations via WLAN – whatever the situation on site requires.

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Gabi Hirsch
Phone: +49-711-7791811

Lead when making, lag when breaking

Lead when making, lag when breaking
Fused power switching busbar for four-pole circuit isolation

GSAB’s fused power switching busbar for four-pole circuit isolation (illustration) will be making its world debut at belektro 2016. With serial production due to commence in September 2016, the manufacturer is implementing a device which fulfils DIN VDE 0100-460 circuit-breaking requirements. According to standard 462-1, it must be possible to disconnect all active conductors from the power supply. The GSAB busbar is designed for busbar systems with 185 mm spacing, the distance from the L3 busbar to the N bar being 400 mm. The N contact has a permanently installed disconnector blade that leads when making a contact and lags when breaking the circuit. Terminals with bolts and with V-terminal clamps are available for both the NH2/400A and NH3/630A models. The introduction of a four-pole busbar system opens up new design options for switchgear construction, since up to now four-pole isolation was normally implemented using horizontally arranged or fused power circuit breakers.

GSAB Elektrotechnik GmbH
Hall 4.2, Booth 108

Contact: Hartmut Vonnoe
Phone: +49-3636-76140

Integration of up to 510 components

Integration of up to 510 components
domovea-Server TJA450

Hager’s easy Smart Home system does not require any complex ETS software or intensive training courses. The all-in-one system is composed of the TXA 100 commissioning case with a configuration server and WLAN adapter, plus the free easy-App software, a comprehensive actuator collection and the new Berker sensor collection. With up to 510 integrable components, this easily installed system is suitable not only for home applications but for small commercial applications as well. One especially useful feature: while configuring the easy installation, a domovea visualisation can be generated at the same time. Simply leave the domovea server TJA450 (illustration) connected to the local IP network during the configuration procedure. Other belektro highlights being shown by this exhibitor include the new "Berker Glas polar white" family of switches and the new ELCOM.ONE door intercom stations for outdoor installation and ELCOM.TOUCH for indoors.

Hager Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Hall 1.2, Booth 100

Contact: Helga Ermann
Phone: +49-6842-9457251

Quick planning, easy assembly and convenient activation

Quick planning, easy assembly and convenient activation
EcoVent Verso remote ventilation unit

The EcoVent Verso (illustration) remote ventilation unit featuring heat recovery is used to ventilate individual rooms in newly constructed buildings or those undergoing refurbishment. Special features include KWLeasyPlan, a DIN-compliant planning function, easy assembly thanks to building site sets and convenient activation via laptop. Thus, only a few clicks are required for planning and organisation. When a user specifies a standard planning operation with ventilation units for individual rooms the required number of devices and airflow volume are automatically determined. The result is an overview of ventilation units, the amount of material required and a ventilation concept. The EcoVent Verso is operated intuitively using an LED interface. Two buttons control five ventilation speeds and three operating modes: reverse airflow with heat recovery, cross-ventilation and incoming airflow.

Helios Ventilatoren GmbH + Co KG
Germany – Villingen-Schwenningen

Contact: Marion Geigges
Phone: +49-7720-606177

Reliable sealing against dust and water

Reliable sealing against dust and water

Hellerman Tyton has now acquired the RELICON trademark, in this way extending its product portfolio by encapsulating resin and gel technologies to obtain reliable cable joints. These high-quality products are safe and user-friendly during assembly and ensure durable and stable cable joints in both suspended and underground applications. At belektro 2016, visitors can inspect the ready-to-assemble RELICON straight-through and branch junction boxes at the HellermannTyton stand and in a practical-work-oriented “ProfiCheck” (illustration) can draw their own conclusions on the many advantages. The gel-filled joint assemblies Reliseal and Relilight will also be on display. These new products meet IP 68 protection class requirements and have an unlimited shelf life. The non-toxic silicone gel in the moulding shell seals the joint reliably against dust and water. This gel can also be obtained separately as a freely dosable 2-component product.

HellermannTyton GmbH

Contact: James Hill
Phone: +49-4122-7015974

All measurement functions at a glance

All measurement functions at a glance

The “COMBI G2” (illustration) is designed for testing installations in accordance with VDE 0100 and VDE 0105. The device’s low weight and ergonomic design ensure easy and safe operation. The large, bright touchscreen is particularly easy to read and has an intuitive user interface. All functions can be selected using the central multi-function switch or by tapping the respective icon on the screen. The display symbols and auditory signals ensure unambiguous, quick and standard-compliant interpretation of measurement results. The COMBI G2 has operating-error protection, which meaans that if the device has been connected wrongly or dangerous voltages are applied, the user is given a distinctive warning signal. The large built-in memory can record up to 999 measurements and allows storage of the results along with text comments in a three-level tree structure.

HT Instruments GmbH

Contact: Eike Schomberg
Phone: +49-2161-564581

Best possible colour reproduction and quality

Best possible colour reproduction and quality
LED lamps as a substitute for halogen lamps

With the new LED hybrid reflectors, MEGAMAN® is expanding its range of high-quality LED reflector lamps as a substitute for halogen lamps (illustration). With this product, the lighting specialist is making use of its long experience with the successful and patented TCH technology (Thermal Conductive Highway™). The new RichColour-LED lamps were developed with the objective of achieving the best possible colour reproduction and quality. With a colour reproduction index of up to Ra95, they are the ideal LED substitute for halogen lamps in application areas requiring natural colour reproduction of natural daylight quality, such as in shops. The new MEGAMAN® U-DIM™ LEDs are compatible with most of the existing dimmers (leading or trailing edge phase cutting). Due to the almost complete phasing-out of halogen reflector lamps in the EU from 1 September 2016 onwards, the demand for LED lamps that operate effectively with existing dimmers has risen.

IDV GmbH Megaman
Hall 2.2, Booth 211

Contact: Christoph Seidel
Phone: +49-151-50651188

Controlling the LCN bus – easier than ever before

Controlling the LCN bus – easier than ever before
LCN-PRO 6.1 parameter-setting software

ISSENDORF LCN will be presenting a whole range of new products and features at belektro 2016. These include the “LCN-PRO 6.1” parameter setting software (illustration), which is a further enhancement of the globally unique LCL programming language. Using LCL, installation staff can quickly write a programme that automatically controls repetitive actions. Thanks to a syntax highlighting function, the integrated editor marks keywords in different colours, improving legibility and making LCL particularly easy to use. This is a fast and easy way of reducing the work load on installation staff. Among the products being shown by LCN are attractive champagne-coloured glass touchpads that add an elegant touch to any wall. A large number of detail enhancements will also be on display, for example the new LCN-AD2 measurement transducer and the new “LCN-GUS” universal sensor for temperature, light, relative humidity, motion or IR signal reception.

ISSENDORFF KG LCN Gebäudeleittechnik
Hall 1.2, Booth 208

Contact: Robert Höwelkröger
Phone: +49-5066-998574

Cable-bound installation in combination with EnOcean wireless technology

Cable-bound installation in combination with EnOcean wireless technology
OPUS BRiDGE switch

No long, complicated planning required – electricians can use traditional methods to install smart technologies. The new OPUS® BRiDGE product series by JÄGER DIREKT for lighting and shading combines the benefits of cable installations with the freedoms of EnOcean radio technology. Suitable for both new and refurbished buildings – this step-wise introduction to smart home technology is fast, operator-friendly and requires no planning. With this sustainable and flexible solution, you can lay the foundation stone to the Internet of things without having to commit yourself to any particular system. The concept is both clever and convincing: The OPUS® BRiDGE switch (illustration) for traditional flush-mounted installation has an additional EnOcean wireless, thus combining the best of both worlds. All sorts of upgrading options are offered while the electrician can continue working with familiar and well-proven methods.

JÄGER DIREKT Jäger Fischer GmbH & Co. KG
DE-Reichelsheim (Odenwald)
Hall 4.2, Booth 208

Contact: Sandra Patsis
Phone: +49-6164-9300431

Protection mechanism prevents injuries

Protection mechanism prevents injuries
JOKARI System 4-70 cable knife

With a view to improved work safety in the electrical installation field, the Jokari company from Ascheberg in Westphalia is presenting the next generation of its tried and tested cable knife at belektro 2016 under the motto “The best. Reinvented”: the System 4-70 (illustration). With this tool, insulation can be removed quickly and easily from cables and wires with diameters between 4 and 70 mm. This great flexibility is achieved thanks to the unique interchangeable cable bracket system. The basic model has a bracket with a diameter of 8 – 28 mm and further bracket sizes can be supplied as required. A further central feature: the blade protection mechanism. Before cable sheaths can be slit open with the tool's hooked blade, the protective mechanism has to be retracted using the locking switch. This means that the blade cannot be used unless the switch has been pushed to the required setting, thus reducing the risk of injury if the tool slips accidentally while in use.

JOKARI-Krampe GmbH

Contact: Carsten Bünnigmann
Phone: +49-2599-1289

Flush alignment of operating element with installation surface

Flush alignment of operating element with installation surface
Flush installation using LS ZERO

Using the LS ZERO system, switches can be installed almost flush with the installation surface. The system can be used for furniture, brickwork and dry-wall installation applications. This innovation by the Jung company creates a plane surface across the operating element and the surrounding area. As the exhibitor points out, LS ZERO transfers the timeless design features of its classic "LS 990" switches onto a new plane-surface version characterised by the maximum reduction of design elements. LS ZERO opens up a wide variety of new design options: for example, harmonious, plane-recessed installation can be achieved both in solid wall installations (illustrations) and in drywall applications using conventional recessed boxes and standardised narrow frames. In addition, with the aid of a special plaster-recessing adapter, uniform shape and material match can be achieved between the flush-mounting adapter and the plasterwork.

Jung / Albrecht Jung GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 1.2, Booth 119

Contact: Deniz Turgut
Phone: +49-2355-806102

More room for installing components

More room for installing components
ECON Flex electronics installation box

One of the belektro highlights being shown by KAISER is the “ECON® Flex” electronics box for airtight installation in cavity walls in accordance with EnEV and DIN 18015-5. It offers the greatest degree of flexibility and more room for the actual electrical component installation. This is made possible by the flexible tunnel attached to the box. This tunnel is simply expanded inside the wall installation level after assembly, offering more space for housing, communication and network technology, actuators, cable reserves or additional connectors. The ECON® Flex electronics box is ideal for modernising or extending existing electrical installations, since it only requires a standard opening with a diameter of 68 mm. Even in the case of double or multiple wall panelling, this reliable, well-tested box ensures that the installation opening remains airtight.

Hall 1.2, Booth 216

Contact: Anne Kellner
Phone: +49-2355-8090

A tool for all cables used in modern house installations

A tool for all cables used in modern house installations
ErgoStrip stripping tool

In the exhibitor’s own words, KNIPEX’s ErgoStrip (illustration) product rings in a new generation of cable tools. The innovative pistol grip design makes it universally suitable and enables extremely ergonomic handling. The angled shape provides room for additional functions. ErgoStrip is a universal three-in-one tool for stripping insulation from common NYM cables, for sheath and jacket removal from data cables as well as for stripping and jacket removal from coax cables. The pistol grip design allows ergonomic use and ensures better control of the force applied to the cables and individual wires. ErgoStrip has the perfect shape to enable work inside junction and distribution boxes. This belektro exhibitor points out that the compact and robust stripping tool is a further step towards doing away with heavy toolboxes. Good news for electricians, plant engineers and installation technicians.

KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG

Contact: Natalie Reinking
Phone: +49-202-4794151

Modern switches and smart controls

Modern switches and smart controls
Dimmers of the new HKi8 glass switch series

High-quality, elegant switches are an aesthetic enhancement to any room. Whether the building is old or new – Heinrich Kopp GmbH has suitable a design for any project. At belektro 2016, the company will be exhibiting its HK switch family with the 02, 05, 06 and 07 series as well as its “Blue Electric” switches for damp environments. One of this year's highlights is the “HK i8” a glass sensor switch (illustration) with a modern design concept that fits in with any indoor environment and reacts to the slightest pressure, like a touchscreen. With this concept, Kopp is aiming at greater flexibility in its connection options. For example, its 230 V switches can be integrated into conventional electrical installations with very little construction work. The same applies to the “Free-control” wireless system. Free-control, as an alternative to KNX systems, offers the entire range of modern building control functions, and when combined with a gateway unit, can also be conveniently operated via an app.

Kopp / Heinrich Kopp GmbH
DE-Kahl am Main
Hall 1.2, Booth 121

Contact: Petra Kranig
Phone: +49-208-4696362

A good example of intelligently networked building technology

A good example of intelligently networked building technology
The E-Haus

One special highlight of the Berlin/Brandenburg electrical profession’s stand at belektro is the latest version of the “E-Haus” (illustration). The 100 m² walk-in model house is a perfect example of modern intelligent networked building technology already in practical use. The many innovations include enhanced control options: all applications can now be activated either by voice or by smart watch. At the same time, the applications can still be controlled via a tablet PC and smart phone or using touchpad switches. A number of other functions have also been technically enhanced in the current E-house model. Lighting and illumination technology has been improved in comparison with the predecessor models, and now only LEDs and OLEDs are used. In view of the demographic changes taking place in Germany at the moment, special attention has been paid to multifunctional, cross¬-generational living concepts.

Landesinnungsverband Elektrohandwerke BerlinBrandenburg
Hall 3.2, Booth 212

Contact: Constantin Rehlinger
Phone: +49-30-8595580

A personal electronic concierge

A personal electronic concierge
Valena family of switches, in a new look

Classe 300 X13E is Legrand’s new Bticino indoor station for access/entry controls. It has a 7-inch touchscreen with good picture definition and a convenient hands-free intercom function integrated into a modern case. In addition to the door unit, a smart phone can be used as an additional control element. A WLAN router is all that is needed for connecting up with the intercom system, so users are able to check on their house or apartment at all times – even when they are not at home. Other products that will be available in summer/autumn 2016 on are the "Valena Life" and "Valena Allure" switches in a new design (illustration). Valena Life is characterised by a fresh aesthetic, modern simplicity and fine details. Valena Allure on the other hand is available in a wide range of models and interesting material combinations. The Valena series of switches has more than 150 functions, making it possible to integrate applications into conventional electrical infrastructures using wireless communications.

Legrand GmbH

Contact: Nicole Koch
Phone: +49-2921-104247

Modular and individually configurable

Modular and individually configurable
PABLO Luminous column

The modular PABLO luminous column (illustration) offers an ideal platform for the elegant combination of varied demands. The modular concept allows individual selection and combination of round or rectangular poles, frames and components of various lengths and configuration to suit individual needs. A range of lighting components including lens or facet modules, tubular elements or spots is available to provide the best possible lighting for streets, paths, pedestrian crossings and plazas or to illuminate façades and objects according to individual requirements. The intelligent CLEVER LIGHT lighting control system allows safe operation of the lighting system and helps to save costs. In addition, the multi-functional column, PABLO, provides additional space in the frames and columns for cameras, loudspeakers, Wi-Fi, information and advertising displays, charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes as well as electricity and water supply connections.


Contact: Kathleen Moh
Phone: +49-341-24561345

Cost-saving, long-life professional lighting systems

Cost-saving, long-life professional lighting systems
HELLUX Helius 120 street light

At belektro LUNUX GmbH is exhibiting its professional HELLA and HELLUX lighting systems for use in public spaces, industry, commerce and logistics. Product highlights displayed include the HELLUX Helius 120 street light (ill.) and the HELLA Eco StreetLine and Eco CubeLine series, which improve illumination in public spaces and streets, making them safer. These systems are energy-efficient, maintenance-friendly and benefit from the latest LED technology. LUNUX is also exhibiting its HELLA IL2 Plus and HELLUX Q-RAIL strip lighting systems for storage areas and warehouses for use in industry, commerce and trade. These provide perfect illumination and ensure smooth operations in work spaces. The HELLA IL2 PLUS strip lighting system impresses with its durability and provides homogeneous illumination. Individual components can be replaced even when the system is on and emergency lighting is also available, if required.

Hall 2.2, Booth 203

Contact: Miriam Piecuch
Phone: +49-40-36008650

Room ventilation unit with heat recovery function

Room ventilation unit with heat recovery function
PP45 PushPull ventilation unit

MAICO’s new PP45 PushPull ventilation unit (image) features an electrically operated interior flap which prevents draughts and according to the exhibitor is the only one of its type on the market. This automatic flap also minimises noise output. Featuring numerous programmes and sensors for monitoring humidity and CO2, as well as G2 and G3 filters, the PP45 ensures houses, apartments and offices are well ventilated at all times of the year. Using easy-to-operate LED button controls it is possible to select three operating modes: heat recovery, cross-ventilation and automatic operation, as well as five ventilation speeds, and to simultaneously control up to six PP units. According to the exhibitor the system is easy to install, has a highly efficient heat recovery rate of up to 85 per cent and features outstanding sound insulation, ensuring that housing industry customers are highly satisfied.

MAICO Elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH

Contact: Iris Hug
Phone: +49-7720-694476

Distribute energy, create networks and measure consumption

MENNEKES is exhibiting solutions for Industry 4.0. These include solutions for energy distribution and supplementary data distribution tasks as well as for energy consumption measurement with a view to saving energy and reducing costs. Furthermore, MENNEKES has also added new functions to its tried-and-tested AMAXX socket combinations in order to satisfy customer-specific requirements and be prepared for new markets. The company is also strongly associated with intelligent and practical eMobility charger solutions, and as a leading innovator in this field has coined the ambitious motto “Charge up your day!”. MENNEKES offers a wide product portfolio for both private and public applications. These range from basic measurement, recording and evaluation of charging processes, through to charger solutions allowing the use of locally harvested solar energy to charge electric vehicle batteries, as well as power load management solutions for large fleets.

MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Inga Riedel
Phone: +49-2723 / 41-414

Made to measure fibre-optic cables

Made to measure fibre-optic cables
OpDAT VIK universal cable

VIKs are fibre-optic cables fitted with pin connectors at one or both ends and are made manually as one-off products by METZ CONNECT. The individually-configured fibre-optic cables are custom made with regard to cable length, pin combinations (e. g. LC, SC, ST or E2000) and the number of fibres. OpDAT VIK universal cables (illustration) with 4 to 48 fibres is suitable for mechanically demanding applications both indoors and outdoors – for example for wiring in buildings, on the campus, in computer centres and in industrial environments. They allow a fast and easy-to-install point-to-point connection of network components, thus reducing installation time and costs considerably against installations with splicing and pigtails or wiring with individual lines. OpDAT VIKs can also be individually configured as mini-breakout and breakout cables using proprietary cable configuration software available under “”.

Hall 4.2, Booth 103

Contact: Sven Mäder
Phone: +49-7702-533115

Homogeneous illumination thanks to very wide radiation angles

Homogeneous illumination thanks to very wide radiation angles
SL-T5 short fluorescent lamp

NARVA has now extended its LED lamp range by a new product - the “SL-T5 short” (illustration). This “short” replacement for T5 fluorescent lamps is specially designed for use in emergency and sign lighting and can be integrated into existing installations without any problem and without having to take the trouble of first installing new luminaires or systems. Existing luminaires can still be used, while the battery capacity can be reduced by up to 50 %. The very wide radiation angle ensures homogeneous illumination. The long service life – up to 10 times that of conventional lamps – lowers replacement and energy costs and makes this LED lamp economically attractive. To operate it, an external, constant-current ballast unit that can be simply integrated into the existing luminaire is required. The lamp comes with a five-year “simple+clear” manufacturer’s guarantee.

NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH + Co. KG
Hall 2.2, Booth 9

Contact: Bianka Kotterba
Phone: +49-37322-17219

Fire protection in the tightest of spaces

Fire protection in the tightest of spaces
PYROLINE® Rapid fire protection cable duct

With the introduction of its compact “PYROLINE® Rapid mini” fire-containment cable ducts, OBO Bettermann has proved that fire containment in electrical installations is possible even in the tightest of spaces. This new variant ensures reliable fire containment in wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted as well as in suspended installations. If a fire does occur, the internal cladding of the PYROLINE® Rapid mini expands into a foam, thus blocking the spread of flames and smoke. This duct design conforms to fire resistance classes I30 to I120. OBO is now offering a new, compact variant with a cross-section of 40 mm x 70 mm, together with fitting accessories. This means that PYROLINE® Rapid can be easily installed even in the smallest of systems while still ensuring reliable fire protection.


Contact: Sandra Biener
Phone: +49-2373-891646

Easy app control for lighting systems

Easy app control for lighting systems
App control for lighting systems

The Paulmann Home Bluetooth range makes it easy to get started with the smart home. The ioS and Android compatible Paulmann app can be easily used to switch lamps and lighting via smartphone (illustration) or tablet, so that users can conjure just the right atmosphere anywhere in their home at the touch of a button and from the comfort of their sofa. The app can be configured for individual settings. as well as colour shades such as RGBW and Tunable White. This exhibitor’s line-up of home products comprises light bulbs, LED panels and strips, cable systems as well as recessed LED spotlights and a remote control. An intermediate plug or control unit can be used to incorporate strip lighting and recessed lamps into the system using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio protocol. In 2017 the Paulmann Home system will undergo a major expansion with ZigBee technology which will be compatible with the Bluetooth range.

Paulmann Licht GmbH
Germany – Springe
Hall 2.2, Booth 213

Contact: Viola Peine
Phone: +49-5041-998163

LED bulbs with improved lighting and reduced energy consumption

LED bulbs with improved lighting and reduced energy consumption
Glass LED spotlight GU10

The MASTER LEDtube UO is an addition to the exhibitor’s range of LED products and represents an alternative to fluorescent lighting. UO stands for Ultra Output. The 1,500 mm long 26W tube produces up to 3,700 lm, which the manufacturer describes as an unprecedented lighting output. According to Philips, Classic high voltage LED reflector bulbs (illustration) are the first glass LED spotlights on the market able to replace conventional halogen reflector bulbs with a GU10 socket. Not only do they produce a similar lighting effect, they also closely resemble the popular and widely used halogen bulbs. The newly designed Philips CorePro LED PL-C product family now offers retrofit LED bulbs as an alternative to compact fluorescent lamps for downlighting applications, which can be used to quickly and easily modernise lighting systems without changing existing lamps.

Philips Lighting GmbH
Germany – Hamburg
Hall 2.2, Booth 110

Contact: Bernd Glaser
Phone: +49-160-96327183

Terminal and connection technology for 63 – 500 amperes

Terminal and connection technology for 63 – 500 amperes
Bus bar terminal and phase distribution block

Pollmann Elektrotechnik GmbH has been focusing its activities on electrical connection components for decades. This company from Oelde in Germany develops and produces both standard and industry-specific solutions. Its newest products, for instance, include bus bar terminals with patented anti-twist feature (illustration) for connecting conductors with a cross-section area up to 300 mm³. The full range of main distribution terminals can now be supplied for cross-sections between 25 and 70 mm², in mini-modular form and in all the standard colours used in electrical installations. The exhibitor is especially proud of its phase distribution blocks (illustration), which are now available for the rated current range of 80 – 500 A. The decisive advantages of these are easy assembly, low space requirements and full protection against contact with live parts. Tin-plated terminal blocks ensure safe electrical contacts even when using aluminium conductors.

Pollmann Elektrotechnik GmbH

Phone: +49-2522-93210

Keeping an eye on your home

Keeping an eye on your home
HD camera for outdoors

This year, Rademacher has added no less than four innovative products to its wide range of HomePilot components. The DuoFern motion sensor with an autonomously controlled actuator ensures automatic lighting in rooms, stairways and hallways. With a detection angle of approx. 170 degrees on two horizontal levels and a detection distance of up to 10 m, it safely covers a large field of movement. Your home security is further enhanced by two new HD cameras for indoors and outdoors (illustration). The captured images are displayed both on the operating panel and on the HomePilot app so that residents can keep an eye on their home at all times. For the coming winter months, Rademacher has extended its portfolio to include a room thermostat with individual room control of radiators and underfloor heating. This allows the programming of up to six switching times and four individually set temperatures for each day.

Rademacher Geräte-Elektronik GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 219

Contact: Anja Becker
Phone: +49-69-430521414

Fast assembly – quick installation

Fast assembly – quick installation
Wall-mounted cable duct SIGNA BASE by REHAU

REHAU’s wall-mounted “SIGNA BASE” cable duct (illustration) can be installed up to 40 % faster than conventional systems. This product programme is suitable for all applications and comprises 70 different articles ideally matched to one another – two-thirds fewer than comparable systems. Tool-free assembly of the recessed component box makes the installation process three times faster. The distribution wiring can be connected up conveniently outside the ductwork and then dropped in from above – no need to thread cables through openings. This shortens installation times by up to 60 %. Snap-connection to the new mounting plate design, requiring no tools, ensures easy installation in three simple steps. Also new: “SIGNA STYLE”, a system uniting the clever technology of the SIGNA product family with a modern aluminium-look. This high-quality material combines trendsetting functionalities with an elegant appearance.


Contact: Tanja Nürnberger
Phone: +49-9131-925496

Inspection of 20-metre pipes

Inspection of 20-metre pipes
RUNPOCAM mini inspection camera RC1

With its RUNPOCAM mini-inspection camera RC1 (illustration), Runpotec has again developed an extremely useful and versatile tool. With this camera, users can inspect pipes of up to 20 m in length and with diameters as small as 20 mm. The RUNPOCAM RC1 also offers the option of taking photos or videos and storing these on an 8 GB SD card to document and preserve evidence. The RC1 can also be used for easy inspection of large pipes, suspended ceilings, under-floor ducts, cable shafts, hollow walls and ventilation systems. The camera head can be screwed onto all Runpotec products, which use a standardised RTG 6 mm thread, thus offering an astoundingly wide range of applications. Both the camera head and the included 320-lm high-power lamp with rechargeable battery have IP67 protection rating, so there are no problems if the device comes in contact with water.

Hall 1.2, Booth 105a

Contact: Katharina Grössinger
Phone: +43-6235-2033511

Sustained function by simple thumb pressure

Sustained function by simple thumb pressure
MDSN metal dowel fastening nail

In the event of a fire, the functional integrity of safety-relevant electrical installations can save lives. The Austrian company, Schnabl Stecktechnik, has developed the patented MDSN metal dowel fastening nail (illustration), a fast and, above all, fireproof fastener for cable installation components. Its certified fire resistance classes F30 to F90 permit use with most individual cable clips or multi-cable holders that have been tested in accordance with DIN 4102-12. An additional advantage, especially for tradesmen, is the fast installation of only a few seconds. Simply drill the hole, push the stainless-steel MDSN through the opening in the fastener and then use your thumb to push it into the hole as far as it will go. The patented shape of the expansion elements achieve a particularly good anchoring effect. This means that no additional tools are required, leading to installation time-saving of around 60 %.

Schnabl Stecktechnik GmbH
AT-St. Pölten

Contact: Melani Vukosav
Phone: +49-711-7791834

A fusion of convenience and design

A fusion of convenience and design
KNX Multi-Touch Pro (left) and KNX Tastsensor Pro

Implementing modern KNX solutions with System Design – the new products by Merten which will be on show at belektro 2016 in Berlin ExpoCenter City from 11 – 13 October make this possible. The exhibitor emphasises that D-Life is the first frame family in System Design to offer the ideal setting for a modern high-quality KNX installation, no matter whether “U.motion”, “homeLYnk” or “spaceLYnk” is being used. Instead of the conventional pushbutton modules and multi-function pushbuttons, System Design now includes a new generation of touchscreens. The “Multi-Touch Pro” and “Tastsensor Pro” KNX user interfaces (illustration) by Merten are the ideal addition to a modern KNX installation. A well-engineered design, a new operating philosophy and the full function range of conventional multi-function pushbuttons combine to provide the perfect synthesis of convenience and design.

Schneider Electric GmbH c/o Merten

Contact: Sarah Schmitt
Phone: +49-2261-702286

Harmony and elegance

Harmony and elegance
D-Life frames

Nowadays, a combination of smart system solutions and modern design carves out modern environments while at the same time improving the quality of life. Operating concepts based on touch and gesture control and apps on mobile devices are rapidly changing the way people interact with their homes. The Schneider Electric team will be showing new energy management solutions at belektro 2016 – solutions that make buildings even more sustainable. The company is also presenting its space-saving D-Life frames (illustration). This new design concept offers the maximum operating surface and intentionally does away with dividers. D-Life is the foremost frame design in the exhibitor's new switch product family and is certain to gain admirers thanks to its harmony and elegance. The new, special design concept is rounded off by high-quality thermoplastic, glass, stone and metal materials.

Schneider Electric GmbH

Contact: Sarah Schmitt
Phone: +49-2261-702286

Intelligent lighting control for streets and industrial buildings

Intelligent lighting control for streets and industrial buildings
LIMAS Lighting management system

A single lighting system for streets and industrial buildings, providing just the right amount of light exactly where it is needed – this is the outstanding advantage of SCHUCH’s LIMAS lighting management system (illustration). Concentrating both fields of application in one single system allows industry to reduce complexity costs and payback periods. LIMAS offers freely configurable dimming profiles, real-time access to luminaires, energy consumption monitoring, occupancy and ambient light sensors as well as time, date, parameter and location recording. Operating status, energy consumption as well as designated use and location of luminaires is displayed graphically on a user-friendly interface. The system allows easy wireless adjustment of dimming profiles and easy integration of new luminaires. An automatic fault alarm showing the location of the luminaires enables proactive, targeted maintenance and fault correction. No additional wiring is required.


Contact: Kathleen Lehmann
Phone: +49-6241-4091517

The first continuous-flow water heater with aquaStop

The first continuous-flow water heater with aquaStop
Continuous-flow water heater with aquaStop

The exhibitor emphasises that the new water heater series by Siemens is the first continuous-flow water heater with integrated aquaStop® (illustration) to be sold on the market worldwide. Thanks to this additional safety feature, the company is now able to guarantee protection against damage by water throughout the appliance’s entire service life. A further advantage is its low energy consumption. Modern design, intuitive controls and the tried and tested “CLICKFIX plus” installation technology round off the package. Siemens has already successfully integrated aquaStop® technology in its washing machines and dishwashers: If a leak occurs in the appliance, aquaStop® is activated and the cold water inlet is shut off automatically, guaranteeing that no water damage can occur. The new operating concept is characterised by intuitive controls and clever extra features. For example, the eco symbol in the continuous flow water heater’s multifunctional display shows whether the heater is being operated with the most energy-efficient settings.

SEG Hausgeräte GmbH

Contact: Svenja Schulkinis
Phone: +49-89-45903224

Opening a circuit in fractions of a second

Opening a circuit in fractions of a second
Series 5SM6 fire-prevention switches (AFDs)

The new fire-prevention switches for rated currents up to 40 A provide protection against fires caused by electrical faults. Siemens Series 5SM6 devices (illustration) are used in electrical installations and are particularly suited for circuits supplying large power consumers and for applications in European countries where circuits for more than 16 A are permitted. The devices conform to global IEC standards and DIN VDE 0100-420. Since the publication of the latter standard, installation of fire-prevention devices has become mandatory for certain applications. Arc-fault detection units for fire prevention detect serial arcing, which can be caused by faults in electrical installations and can break the circuit within fractions of a second. Serial arcing can lead to cable fires and is not detected by conventional protective devices. Other exhibition highlights being showcased by Siemens are the “ALPHA 3200” power distribution panel, the "PAC 1200" multichannel current measuring system and the "Logo! 8” logic module.

Siemens AG
Hall 3.2, Booth 100

Contact: Rolf Scheidig
Phone: +49-911-6542612

Easy and intuitive controls

Easy and intuitive controls
COMFORT Multitouch door station (tp) and BS2012 video intercom

The COMFORT door station (illustration) gives entrance areas that special touch. This high quality video door station with its 14.5 cm (5.7 inch) multi-touch colour display is as easy and intuitive to operate as a smart phone or tablet. It is attractive for all age groups – and can be used equally well in residential buildings and students' halls of residence, office buildings, healthcare centres or in underground car park driveways. sks-Kinkel Elektronik will also be presenting its “BS2012 Video” intercom (illustration) at belektro 2016. This is designed to allow easy use by everyone. Below the display, the intercom has three large, capacitive, concave buttons for the main functions: call acceptance, door opening and switching off the ringtone. Further functions such as ringtone melody, ringtone volume and contrast and brightness of the display can be selected and adjusted in the touchscreen menu.

sks-Kinkel Elektronik GmbH

Contact: Stefanie Schneider
Phone: +49-2661-980880

Intuitive operation of Smart Energy functions

Intuitive operation of Smart Energy functions
Solar-Log™ with EGO Smart Heater

More functionality combined with improved usability – Solare Datensysteme GmbH’s core topics at belektro 2016 all involve the use of Solar-Log™ Smart Energy. In addition to intuitive operation of the Smart Energy functions, the new firmware enables flexible configuration of the integrated components – for example of thermal heat pumps, heating elements or combined heat and power units (CHPs) – on the basis of measured values. Especially the use of Solar-Log™ (illustration) in combination with a thermal heat pump is one of the major new topics in this field. Solar-Log™ supports the thermal heat pump system using the basic idea that excess PV power can be used to operate a thermal heat pump. Depending on the type of Solar-Log™ connection, the heat pump either receives a release signal or information on the availability of excess power. Furthermore, important data and values collected by PV power battery systems can be visualised with the Solar-Log™ energy management system.

Solare Datensysteme GmbH

Contact: Marco Weinmann
Phone: +49-7428-9418221

Controlling your home with your smartphone

Controlling your home with your smartphone
Connexoon bidirectional io control

The bidirectional Connexoon io control system is an easy-to-use and affordable entry-level home automation solution (illustration). The Connexoon applications for windows, terraces and entrances control entire home areas using time switches or sensors. A digital box enables wireless transmission of all commands to the connected drives, lighting and other electrical systems. Individual user scenarios can be created in next to no time and the user can stay connected even when he is not at home. Further applications can be added at any time, without requiring additional control lines. Connexoon io control and the “TaHoma Premium” smart home all-in-one system are some of Somfy’s most recent product highlights. Users benefit from intelligent modular solutions which make life easier and offer added value in terms of convenience, energy efficiency and safety. Personal home scenarios ensure independence and allow users to sit back and relax.

Somfy GmbH
DE-Rottenburg am Neckar

Contact: Dirk Geigis
Phone: +49-7472-9300

Protective panel helps keep things tidy

Protective panel helps keep things tidy
SoWaApp wall panelling with organisation aids

Sortimo’s new SoWaApp wall panelling provides reliable protection for the interior bodywork of a vehicle. It is made of aluminium and is thus resistant to both moisture and chemicals. In addition, this robust side-wall panelling permits easy installation of hooks and a wide variety of accessories for storing tools and auxiliary materials. This makes SoWaApp an ideal cargo space protection solution that also serves as an organisation aid for users. Thanks to Sortimo’s standard perforation pattern, which is also used in the aluminium sidewall panels, all hooks and retainers in the wide range of Sortimo accessories can be easily fastened to this panel (illustration). Each hook can support loads of up to 2 kg. The SoWaApp is available as system panelling for any kind of vehicle and can be used both inside the cargo spaces and on the rear doors. The wall panelling is quick to install thanks to clips and self-tapping screws at the positions provided in the vehicle.

Sortimo International GmbH

Contact: Jana Heiß
Phone: +49-8291-850492

BEL Air ventilation element for retrofitting enclosures

BEL Air ventilation element for retrofitting enclosures
Ventilation element assembly

Last year, Spelsberg's AK small distribution enclosure series was an industry highlight, thanks to the integrated Air ventilation elements (illustration) that effectively prevent condensate deposition inside the enclosures. They are designed to let air pass through, thus equalising internal and external pressures, but their special shape ensures that no water or foreign objects can intrude into the enclosure. This means that intrusion protection class IP 65 can be ensured despite unbroken air exchange. Now the features of this innovative Air technology can be used with other enclosures or in existing installations as well. In order to implement the desired ventilation function, one element must be installed vertically on each of two opposing enclosure walls. This can be implemented easily, for example, on combination flanges of the GTi series with preformed M40 threads.

Spelsberg / Günther Spelsberg GmbH + Co. KG
Hall 1.2, Booth 114

Contact: Jörn Lindert
Phone: +49-2355-892190

Fault-free, precise sensor for outdoor areas

Fault-free, precise sensor for outdoor areas
iHF 3D sensor

Thanks to its newly-developed, smart HF technology for outdoor use, STEINEL PROFESSIONAL has designed a motion sensor for fault-free, exact recording in outdoor areas. Whether installed on outside walls, carports, terraces or parking lots, the iHF 3D (illustration) only switches the light on when it is supposed to, since its intelligent HF sensor is able to distinguish between human movement and that of bushes, small animals and rain. This makes false alarms a thing of the past. Thanks to the innovative 3D-antenna technology, users can set the detection range precisely to between 1 and 7 m in three directions, suiting their own wishes and requirements - no need to mask out the sensor or measure the desired distance. This increased reliability not only reduces energy costs but also increases security around the building.

STEINEL Vertrieb GmbH
Hall 1.2, Booth 209

Contact: Dirk Daberkow
Phone: +49-5245-448149

Greater convenience, more functions and easier to install

Greater convenience, more functions and easier to install
DHE Touch including miniature wireless control unit

In 1987, Stiebel Eltron set an important milestone on the electric water heater market by introducing the first-ever fully electronic instantaneous “DHE” water heater. Now it has produced a worthy successor to this successful product: the DHE Touch (illustration), with its large colour touchpanel offers greater convenience, more functions and greater ease of installation. And if you want to be even smarter, you can use DHE Connect - a top product that plays your favourite radio broadcasts via Internet radio and presents weather forecasts. On the renewable energy front, at belektro the exhibitor will be showing inverter heat pumps such as the WPL 15/25 - specially developed for the building rehabilitation sector. The integral unit LWZ 504 is ideal for new building projects, since along with heating, water heating and building ventilation it can also provide cooling, if desired.

Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 4.2, Booth 102

Contact: Henning Schulz
Phone: +49-5531-70295685

Makes child’s play out of splicing fibre-optics

Makes child’s play out of splicing fibre-optics
Sumitomo T-55 3-axis automatic adaptive core fusion splicer

As the exhibitor points out, Sumitomo T-55 (illustration) makes splicing child’s play. The device takes over most steps of the splicing process: It detects the type of optical fibre, aligns the fibre cores that transmit data to each other and selects the required splicing parameters fully automatically. The fibres are also fused together automatically. The only process steps that have to be performed manually, i.e. preparing the fibres for splicing, are described clearly in help videos integrated into the device. In this way, high-quality splices are always ensured, even if the staff involved has little or no experience in working with fibre-optics. Sumitomo T-55 also takes care of standardised testing and documentation of splice quality as well as evaluation of the splices. This 3-axis splicer with adaptive core-to-core alignment is an ideal tool for on-site fibre-optics installation work in LANs and other data networks.

Tele Südost Netze GmbH

Contact: Guido Matuszewski
Phone: +49-172-4921787

Reliable strain relief using a sturdy cable retainer

Reliable strain relief using a sturdy cable retainer
MFP8 connector family

By introducing the new "MFP8 IE Cat. 6A" connectors, Telegärtner is extending its highly successful MFP8 family (illustration) by a new product suitable for connecting multi-shielded installation and patch cables of diameters up to 10 mm. This new robust screwed cable connector ensures reliable strain relief. The connector can be installed in the field without a need for special tools and is suitable for solid and stranded conductors with wire gauges AWG 26/1 – 22/1 and AWG 27/7 – 22/7. The tried-and-proven wire manager permits fast and easy on-site assembly. The 360-degree circumferential shield contact provides safe protection against disturbance even in highly EMC-sensitive environments. The MFP8 IE Cat. 6A connectors support Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) as specified in IEEE 802.3at, making them suitable for easy connection of switchgear cabinets to control units, WLAN access points or IP video cameras.

Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Contact: Lars Braach
Phone: +49-7157-125100

A passion for quality

A passion for quality
H30FLEX measurement device

At belektro Televes will be exhibiting its new H30FLEX (illustration) line of measurement devices which feature a wide range of applications, a compact and sturdy housing and low prices. The basic product is a device for digital satellite TV (DVB-S/S2) and Dolby sound, which can be configured for DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C and DVB-T2/DVB-C reception. Furthermore, these four versions can be retrofitted for other DVB standards and with the latest dCSS technology for single cable solutions. Each measuring device features a high-resolution 2.8-inch, 400 x 200 pixel colour screen and a practical keypad for use with only one hand. Other features include an intuitive user interface, a quick automatic station search, an automatic system parameter scan, colour-coded measurement evaluation and an auto-update function for cloud connectivity.

Televes Deutschland GmbH
Germany – Köngen
Hall 4.2, Booth 215

Contact: Christian Adam
Phone: +49-162-2994401

Reliable checks for obstructions before drilling

Reliable checks for obstructions before drilling
Testboy TV 700 wall scanner

The “Testboy TV 700” detector(illustration) is used for checking out any hidden obstructions when drilling a hole. The device can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals down to a depth of 80 mm and 60 mm, respectively, as well as wood down to a scan depth of 22 mm and live wiring down to a scan depth of 50 mm. Thanks to the practical “traffic-light”-style indicator, both private and professional users alike can within seconds locate hindrances easily and with an accuracy of millimetres. Detection is signalled both acoustically and optically on a backlit, high-contrast LCD display. The integrated auto-power-off function prevents unintentional draining of the batteries. The device calibrates itself automatically. The delivery package includes a carry-case and batteries and the manufacturer gives a five-year guarantee.

Testboy GmbH

Contact: André Siemer
Phone: +49-4441-8911210

App-controlled mood lighting

App-controlled mood lighting
LED luminaire dimmer that can be programmed with an app

At belektro 2016, Theben is presenting its universal dimmer “DIMAX 554 plus” (illustration), an LED-luminaire dimmer that can be programmed with an app. The free app for Android smart phones allows easy programming of individual lighting scenarios and transmission of these to the DIMAX via NFC. The smart phone can also be used to configure brightness settings, LED dimming functions or fan speed functions as well as other settings such as staircase lighting, wakening and slumber functions or dual-pushbutton operation. Transmission via NFC even works for dimmers before installation. The short range of this transmission method protects against manipulation. Programmes can also be set by adjusting a potentiometer with a screwdriver. The universal dimmer in the DIMAX 544 plus configuration with NFC and app programming is alreadyavailable on the market. The app for Android smart phones is available for free downloading in the Google PlayStore.

Theben AG

Contact: Stephanie van der Velden
Phone: +49-7474-692446

Total flexibility in the office

Total flexibility in the office
Solvan Flow LED (oben) and Lunexo LED

According to the exhibitor the TRILUX Lunexo LED (image below) is the ideal solution for the office of the future and can be adjusted in a matter of seconds to suit workers’ individual office needs. The smooth design ensures a pleasant, and dazzle-free lighting effect. Colour, intensity and the amount of indirect lighting can be controlled separately. The built-in LiveLink light management system provides customised lighting and minimises energy consumption. With the introduction of the Solvan Flow LED (image above) TRILUX is bringing an all-rounder to the market. These slimline 45 mm diameter lamps can be mounted in recesses, on walls and ceilings, or suspended, and produce a continuous band of light without hidden shadows. An unobtrusive, lateral lighting connection creates a pleasant atmosphere. The TRILUX LiveLink light management system can be easily incorporated, as can standard emergency lights.

Germany – Arnsberg
Hall 2.2, Booth 207

Contact: Vivian Hollmann
Phone: +49-2932-301633

Extra quiet hot-water heat pump

Extra quiet hot-water heat pump
hot-water heat pump aroSTOR

As the exhibitor points out, the new aroSTOR hot-water heat pump (illustration) is the simplest solution for convenient use of energy from renewable sources. It can achieve a hot-water temperature of up to 60 °C by heat pump operation alone, without requiring an additional electrical heating element. At the same time, it is up to 30 % more efficient than its predecessor model. aroSTOR has been developed specifically for use in single-family homes, both for new buildings and for modernisation projects, and is ideal when replacing old hot-water storage units. Vaillant’s new heat pump for hot-water supply is particularly useful for owners of photovoltaic energy installations as well. Thanks to its very low energy consumption, it can use the renewable energy reaped by the photovoltaic installation all year round. The photovoltaic system’s energy manager can switch the heat pump on selectively whenever adequate energy from the sun is available.

Vaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Silke Exner-Harms
Phone: +49-2191-182892

Enhanced technology in existing installations

Enhanced technology in existing installations
Series 221 mounting adapter

With the new mounting adapter (illustration) it is now possible to use the advantages of WAGO 221 in distribution boxes as well. The adapter is suitable for all connector variants. It ensures easy operation, inspection, maintenance and accessibility as well as simplifying assignment and testing of the connected wiring in accordance with VDE 0100-510. The adapter can be vertically or horizontally clipped onto standard mounting rails or screwed onto smooth surfaces. Thanks to the design, which leaves one side open, the electrician can operate the connector's levers, even when this is installed on the adapter. Thus it is still possible to connect and disconnect wires even after the connector has been mounted on the adapter. Furthermore, there is always an accessible test probe opening available. Standard-compliant extensions to existing installations is particularly easy using the combination of series 221 connectors and mounting adapters.

WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Eva Banholzer
Phone: +49-571-887418

Circumferential and longitudinal cuts, insulation stripping and cutting with one single tool

Circumferential and longitudinal cuts, insulation stripping and cutting with one single tool
Quadro-Stripper No. 16

The new “Weicon Tools Quadro Stripper No. 16” (illustration) is suitable for removing cable jackets and insulation from all conventional round cables with diameters between 8 mm and 13 mm. The stripping tool can be used on all cables using stranded or solid conductors with cross-sections ranging from 0.5 mm² to 6.0 mm². The cutting depth of the integrated precision blades is optimised for work on NYM cables of sizes 3 by 1.5 mm² to 5 by 2.5 mm². The cutting depth does not have to be adjusted individually. The tool ensures safe circumferential and longitudinal cutting and flush jacket/sheath removal in confined spaces, and can therefore be used without any difficulty when working on cables in ceiling and walls, switchgear cabinets and junction and distribution boxes. The retractable hook blade can be locked firmly into any position and can be fully retracted into the handle.


Contact: Thorsten Krimphove
Phone: +49-151-12106067

Intuitive user assistance and wide range of functions

Intuitive user assistance and wide range of functions
Treesoft Office 6.5

The new Treesoft Office 6.5 (illustration) simplifies workflows. Outstanding features of the project concept (CAD), planning (CRM´) and cost calculation (ERP) modules are their intuitive user interfaces and vast function range. Treesoft Office is ready for use with Windows®. Other important novel features include enhanced user permission administration for office data entries, the ERP mailing dialogue for "unsettled dunning cases" and the plug-in symbol catalogues of Loxone Smart Home, QIVICON and WAGO-I/O system. The integrated CAD converter allows PDF files to be imported and processed as vector-graphics or raster-graphics. This allows use of the Treesoft CAD converter to transform floor plans which have been submitted as PDF, DXF or DWG files into a Treesoft-CAD ZNG file (a drawing file) by one simple button click, for instance. Floor plans with the added electrical installation details can be just as easily re-converted to DXF / DWG files.


Contact: Alexandra Thiery
Phone: +49-2266-476331

Order-based vehicle tracking and route recording

Order-based vehicle tracking and route recording

Users of the new SCC-CarTracking-System (illustration) by ZIEMER can keep an eye on all company vehicles with one single mouse-click. Online-access to the current location and position of vehicles, employees and objects supplies facts and provides transparency. An immediate overview of distances travelled, breaks/stops and the addresses visited provides assistance when planning contracts and helps to optimise company processes. Short-term customer requests can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The deployment of SCC-CarTracking improves staff productivity and effectiveness, noticeably reduces fleet costs and optimises workflows. SCC-CarTracking has been developed using cutting-edge technology and, as a secure cloud application, is available and accessible from any location. The system is very simple to install and is ready for use immediately.

ZIEMER GmbH Elektrotechnik & Softwareentwicklung

Contact: Ines Thomas
Phone: +49-8651-982320

Contact: Martina Wunderlich-Beck
Phone: +49-6351-475219

Contact: Thomas Fuchs
Phone: +49-2261-9942395